Try a City Sports Club Group Fitness Class

Our Group Fitness classes offer a wide range of class types for every level. Whether you’re looking for a full body workout in boot camp conditioning, restoring your balance in a yoga class, or moving to the groove in a Zumba® class, we’ve got it all! Challenge yourself while working out in a fun & friendly environment.

We offer over 20 types of Group Fitness classes. Find a class that suits you!


Come enjoy the ride. Whether you’re training for a triathlon or riding for cardiovascular health, this class will get you there. Feel the energy from those that surround you as everyone endures the terrain. This class will get you to your destination. 55 Minute Workout.

Cycle Zone

Stay in the zone with these 45 minutes of intensity. Just like our cycle class, you’ll ride through challenging terrain. The only difference? We’ll get you to your destination sooner. 45 Minute Workout.

Body Works Plus Abs
Aqua Fit

A class for everyone, especially for those with joint ailments or injuries. Get fit with this challenging water workout. After a gentle warm-up in the calm 79 – 85 degree water, you’ll ease into the exercises using your own body weight and water resistance dumbbells. Easy on the joints, these 50 minutes of water fun will have you splashing your way to improved strength. You’ll leave class feeling refreshed.

Zumba® Class


Mat Pilates
Power Circuit
Burn fat fast with high intensity intervals. Start the burn with body- blasting sculpting and calorie crushing cardio bursts. Finish strong with serious abs! Maximize your results. Calories: 500.
Boot Camp Conditioning

You can command Power, Strength and Agility with this military inspired circuit workout that will push you to your limits. As you maneuver your way through each workout station, you’ll lunge, crunch, box and more for a full body workout. In the end, you’ll leave class feeling exhilarated. 55 Minute Workout.


Flow through a series of dynamic movements that will increase your flexibility and restore balance and strengthen core muscles of the lower back and abdominals. The ultimate class of focus and self-awareness. 55 Minute Workout.Workout.

Step Plus Abs
Step your way to a toned body with this fun cardiovascular workout followed by challenging core work. You control your intensity level by adjusting the step height. 55 minute workout.



Tai Chi
Discover the benefits of this ancient form of martial arts which will improve balance, agility, strength, and coordination. This unique class will help you flow through your everyday life. 55 minute workout.
Kickbox Cardio

Kick, punch, bob and weave your way to a higher fitness level. Constantly move, getting in that cardio that we all want and need. You will walk away with a surge of energy and feeling ready for anything that comes your way. 55 Minute Workout.

Free Weights

It’s important to work out safely and correctly if you are going to achieve you fitness goals. We have a variety of dumbbells, barbells, free weights, benches and equipment providing you with an assortment or options to sculpt, shape and tone your muscles.


Get your heart pumping and create a healthy new YOU on our CARDIO MACHINES. If you are looking to increase your endurance, burn calories, shed some pounds and work up a good sweat, we’ve got you covered! You have a variety of incredible cardio machines just waiting for you to hop on and get pedaling, climbing and running towards your goals.

Weight Machines

A variety of equipment is here to help you get leaner, stronger and more defined muscles. From machines to free weights, your new club has it all!


After a tiring group fitness class, or challenging personal fitness training session, it can feel great to relax in the spa. City Sports Club spas and pools offer many accessibility options and features plenty of room to stretch out and relax your body.
Unwind, de-stress and enjoy the healthy benefits of the sauna. The radiating heat helps to relax your muscles, lower blood pressure and unwind after a great workout. Studies have show that just 15 to 30 minutes in the sauna three to four times a week can help increase your overall wellness.

Bring your A-game to a City Sports Club basketball court, which provides a competitive and fun environment.  All levels of play are welcome!